Change the game from combative to collaborative 

Contracting relationships can be combative creating waste and dysfunction. Collaboration is a critical success factor for project delivery.  For time-based services, use Neutral Advocate's service to support your move to more collaborative contracting relationships.

Hi, I'm Martin. I like to see you win. Collaborative contracting is transformative and empowering. Please explore the site and if interested, let's talk.

  • Transform Working relationships
  • Earn back, at least 50% of your working capital 

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Five Ways That Change the Game

Target compression of the "time-to-pay" from 4 to 5 months to 3 weeks

#1 - Rapid Contracting

#2 - Two Week Contracts

#3 - Contract close & invoice approval as one step

#4 - Add Dispute Resolution

#5 - Financing of contracts or Accounts Receivable

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Slow Payment is a Symptom

Frustrated by "time-to-pay" timelines - The North American average is 73 days for payment from approved invoice. Include elapsed time from when you paid for the work done, and this doubles....

Slow payment is a symptom of friction in engagement and project delivery processes. The source is the contracting approach & related unaligned interests.

This drives higher costs for both parties and is a root cause of slow payments & conflict in relationships.

Result of Addressing Friction

Improved alignment, trust and project outcomes come from changing how we contract.  A win-win for both parties... an opportunity to keep more customers.

The transition to changed terms

Collaborative Contracting is a Game Changer not only for improved cash flow but client relationships. Teams work better when the contracting window is smaller and both parties are jointly accountable for results. Continuous improvement and refinement aligned to the roadmap provide the effectiveness and efficiency contract over contract. 

Joint Accountability

...not a Kumbaya moment, it is tough and is supported by a neutral advocate.

Our actions together

  1. Restructure services agreement from traditional combative to collaborative contracting. This removes many delays.
  2. Add dispute resolution. Delivery quality issues addressed early and quickly don’t roadblock payments or relationships.
  3. And, for qualifying customers do not wait 30-60-90 days for invoices, they are paid within 24 hours.

change the Game

Move from Combative to Collaborative  & Impact the Bottom Line

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