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Have You Considered Team Commitments that? 

Manage Uncertainty

Work with certainty in small batches and resolve variances to drive improvements.

Share Accountability

Empower teams with a mandate to create, deliver and resolve a commitment.

Incorporate Change

Balance the planning requirement with the need to experiment and learn.

Be the leader that builds strong teams and dependable commitments

As a leader, you deliver through commitments. You may make verbal agreements with the boss or a subordinate. You may sign a large contract with a vendor or send an email to a team or pier.  Your network of commitments are critical for your success. 

Rigid and undependable links in this network undermine your foundation as a leader. 

Optimizing team commitments is worthwhile to empower teams and set the stage for greater success. You'll create an environment where your teams work through challenges, resolve conflicts, take responsibility, keep each other accountable, bring out the best in each other, and build confidence in success.

Be the leader that enjoys seeing others win

Because You know the more they do the more you do

Empower your teams to make commitments that work!
using our tools and service

Build on key principles

  • Be Jointly Accountable
  • Agile - Lean processes
  • Contract/Commit Collaboratively
  • Take Personal Responsibility
  • Integrated Process incl. Payment


  • Open and Close Small Batches
  • Integrated Money or Token Flows
  • Fair Mutual Agreements
  • Creative Resolutions
  • Evolve with Improvement Stories

Resolve disputes

  • Closed Loop Dispute Resolution 
  • Empower Teams with Facilitation
  • Binding Arbitration when needed.

Here's What Others Say About Their Commitments

Customer perspective

“On both occasions, it was a software delivery project and the vendor failed to deliver. I have always seen that as 100% their fault.  In thinking about shared responsibility, progress and alignment was also mine. Taking corrective action earlier may have avoided the problem at the end. Perhaps I had this accountability all along.”

John Serpa

CEO, Keystone Fund Solutions

Team perspective

“I can think of many times when we failed to deliver what was promised. Most cases the truth is that nobody would have the courage to tell the truth. We, the team, always think that we could pull it off in the end by some miracle.  So the news is always … we are on track. A tool to help the team be honest that gives that safe environment would have helped.”

Mikko Sorvari

Agile Coach and Management Consultant

Consultant perspective

"The lack of alignment between the client, the client’s IT department and the third-party developer team resulted in the costs being out of control. With tighter relationships built from sharing accountability plus the Agile practice of iterations every two weeks would have resulted in costs being managed to a minimum."

Gabriel Youssef

Facilitator, Executive Adviser.

Leadership perspective

“When we learn to operate from a place of individual responsibility, not blame, justification, shame, obligation or denial then we are well positioned to build self-awareness and confront our constraints. Imagine the power and support in teams when we all come from this place!"

Christopher Avery

Leadership Thought-Leader and

Author of “Teamwork Is An Individual Skill”

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