Use Janars online facilitation and mediation tools to

Have complex conversations online

to address constraints, conflict and make commitments together

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What not addressing constraints, conflict and making commitments together could mean: 

You may be compromising on

- the right to lead

- benefits of planning and learning

- understanding what and the why

- value delivered and being “the prize”

- agility and effectiveness that brings “joy”

Use facilitation & mediation tools to face, align and resolve

Face contribution to constraints

Use tools to identify constraints & face them together  

Align through agreements

Use our tools to build working agreements on how teams address unmet needs

Resolve priority constraints

Use tools to resolve conflict and priority constraints identified in the agreement 

Your journey gaining momentum on success 

Start incrementally

one step at a time


Resources are attracted to working in collaborative teams & clients love it!

eND game

High performing collaborative teams attract best clients & global resources

Turn threats into



Directly faced constraints and addressed uncertainty


Be resilient. Tackle threats as great opportunities to be the best

Build a strong

Resolution Culture


Great story-telling, dig deep to core interests, negotiate winning resolutions


Team power to resolve constraints is unstoppable and has global impact

Your Journey

As you negotiate your future, we are here with our facilitation platform & tools to support you every step of the way.

As a conflict coach, I see conflict "tensions" as normal part of agile-lean living within organizations today and have worked with leaders to identify and implement resolutions.

As a leader, I’ve delivered collaboration solutions to a range of industries. I've led many projects as client or provider working with top outsourcing firms. Have strong credentials as an agilist and has worked with PwC, IBM, Microsoft, Rogers, HCL, Capgemini

We get it! and know how important it is to be able to have complex conversations online to resolve these challenges and opportunities.

Worked within:

Waterfall constraints

High conflicts between departments 

Being setup to fail yet required to deliver

Experienced challenges:

Turned around programs (with global teams) 

Alignment of teams that worked in silos

Misalignment through performance measures

Been frustrated with:

Team delivery progress

Very slow change 

Decisions made that hurt progress. 

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