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Over the last few years, increasingly frustrated with traditional options, we wanted a more nuanced way of engaging teams. In talking to leaders in the sector about this challenge, they strongly recognized the challenge of the adversarial relationship with traditional agreements (between customers/vendors and internal teams). We all saw the need to align teams around delivery as partners facing the problem together. 

Based on this guidance, we wanted to fully leverage the collaborative capabilities of Agile-Lean thinking and introduce conflict resolution service to support these agreements and relationships. We are an early stage company experimenting with these very powerful concepts and ideas. And we welcome partners in this endeavor, promising you huge value.

This is what IT leaders told us they need and are prepared to pay for:

  • A collaborative alternative to fixed fee and time-based agreements
  • Support for Incremental delivery — the ability to learn and adapt is a must
  • Trust building process — partners are afraid of being taken advantage of
  • Both partners need to be accountable for success as a shared commitment
  • Service providers must commit to deliver (client)
  • Lower risk to drive less cost (client)
  • A straightforward process where earned value for deliverable based work is paid for regularly (service provider)

Our implementations so far are:

  • Lean service delivery - this introduces operational excellence and continuous improvement around agile initiative
  • Self-Serve Resolution Services - this provides a mechanism for parties to pursue a resolution themselves leveraging the interested based negotiation practice. It also offers support and guidance from neutrals and mediators. 

Martin West - Business Lead & Neutral Advocate

Passionate about changing how we team up to deliver time-based work and resolve issues together

Topics I am really curious about: Agile team challenges; how shared risk can drive collaboration; how conflict can be leveraged for change - continuous improvement; collaborative systems; self-serve models for empowering leaders and teams with resolution tools and support; descaling and the road to decentralized more-autonomous teams; the tech for decentralization (blockchain ecosystems...)

Experience: IT Consulting for PwC, KPMG, Microsoft, Independent Consultant ++ and Business & IT programs for SunLife, Rogers, Enercare, CCAC, Loblaw, IBM ++

Other interests: Family, Swimming, Sailing, Cycling; Startups, Learning, Responsibility, All thing Agility

Further information:

Qualifications: MBA, PMP, QMED, SAFe SM & PMPO.

Sohel Khan - Technical Lead

Passionate about technical leadership, challenging work as an Enterprise or hands-on Application Architect; Open-Source, high performance middleware systems and Blockchain development

Topics I am really curious about: agile development concepts and tools (Continuous Systems Integration)

Experience: Ethereum development; OA solutions (IBM, Oracle, Open Source), open source adoption, software process improvement (Lean/Agile development, TDD, Continuous Integration and Delivery). 

Other interests: Family, Community leader

Further information:

Qualifications: Masters in Computer Science; Bachelors in Electronics Design Technology; Togaf Enterprise Architect
Languages: Arabic English Hindi Marathi

Mardi Edelstein - Mediation Lead & Neutral Advocate

Passionate about moving society to better, more resourceful ways of communicating to reach effective and enduring agreements.

Topics I am really curious about: Creating effective tools that deliver transformative impact within interest-based mediation timelines.

Experience:  founder of Spectra Mediation, is a mediator, facilitator & conflict coach 

Other interests: Mardi is also a musician, writer and photographer and has been told that whatever she does – including mediation — she does ‘artfully’.   Her intense respect and admiration for people – their passions, struggles, insights and their resilience

Further information:

Qualifications: AccFM (Accredited Family Mediator) from OAFM; QMed (Qualified Mediator)

Mithil Chauhan - Web Development

Passionate about e-learning. Whenever technology advances so more people are reached, that interests me. I love to take an opportunity that will make a difference.

Topics I am really curious about: I’m very passionate about e-learning. Whenever technology advances so more people are reached, that interests me. I love to take an opportunity that will make a difference.

Experience: Snr. Web Developer, IT Head in Emobitech, Manage IT software company

Other interests: Family, Exploring, Football and Cricket

Further information:

Qualifications: BE computer