Neutral Advocate

Interested in facilitation, mediation or negotiation, we invite you to join the 

Janars Community

Interested, but not sure, how to engage 

We want to discover how to serve you best

Here is the link to my calendy, please book a meeting

I look forward to talking with you, Regards Martin, CEO & Founder, Neutral Advocate

Guide Us

Agile coaches, scrum masters and product owners find great solutions to agile constraints working with their teams.  With your guidance, let's scale these solutions as questions, flows and interplays within Janars.

Impact the effectiveness and joy in the "Agile workplace":

  • Provide ideas & feedback on features
  • Vote on priorities, Be part of the community
  • Earn a discount on license costs - An insufficient thank you from us.

​Partner with us

Based on your specialty in resolution, whether as coach or neutrals you help clients find great solutions to constraints and conflicts.  

We are asking you to work with us to re-imagine the collaborative experience around specific conflicts or constraints. 

Impact effectiveness and joy through helping make progress in "resolution":

  • Bring your deep experience
  • Work with us to re-imagine the collaborative experience

​Host your service

You've develop practices to work with your clients to resolve constraints to agile delivery. You've structured collaborative interplays for a series of meetings, workshops or as part of a change journey.

Janars is build to scale your service so more people, including distributed teams, can engage deeply in change.

  • Design your service in Janars for async & sync events
  • ​Enhance your client value ​​when present ​​& when ​not
  • ​Grow and scale your practice.

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