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​Enable deeper connection

With ​our facilitation platform, you can:

Reimagine how people connect

​Remote Teams

​​​Remote working at ​scale.​Connection & ​resolution is ​tough


Not ​effective. ​A systemic issue ​intensified when we are remote​

​Connecting Agile Teams

Agile ​in a distributed and

hierarchical world struggles

We offer a ​facilitation platform

focused on helping ​you be successful in every meeting and ceremony

Connect​ with safety

Be ​​​engaged, quality conversations, aligned solutions and strong buy-in

Interplays at scale

Meetings, email and slack don't scale connection & resolution, interplays do

​​Explore ​foundations

Consider ​safety, identity, beliefs and emotional experiences​​

Interplays (flows) can be a sequence of question sets, data collection, story-telling, 1-on-1 coaching,  reflection, issue lists, work items, prioritization, ​self-inquiry, voting, sync or async activities, ​futurize, mutualize, options, brain-storming, agreements, data flows, anonymous sharing, ... 

​​Work with us

​Enable the ​change you want to see

​Guide us

​Review features, ​input your ideas, vote on development priorities

Partner with us

Build new flows

​Host your service

​Create flows for business challenges you coach

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