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Try our sprint retrospective tool for ​remote ​​participants. It works well for colocated teams too...​

We are live with a Beta MVP "Sprint Retrospective"

Guide us so you want to use Janars Sprint Retro with your team every time

The initial concept for the sprint retrospective tool was based on our needs as the Janars development team. As a new team, we wanted to learn fast. To challenge and support each other to deliver our best. To set targets against our individual goals and then commit to these as a team. We didn't need a measurement tool for another group to judge us by.

Along with "presence" tools like Skype, Zoom or Hangouts, ​the sprint retrospective tool "retro tool" ​supports the engagement of team members when not face-to-face. Events may be "sync" (done together) or "async" (done separately). For instance goal/key result setting is ​done async. ​​​​Building joint ​targets is done together.

​​The retro tool ​has 2 stages. The flow of each stage is time to think, ​then time to build together, then time to individually approve. ​Stage 1 focuses on targets (key results against personal and team goals). Stage 2, at the end of the sprint cycle, focuses on ​​reflection, learning and agreeing actions.

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