for party autonomy, process & outcome fairness
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Martin - My background

For last 30 years, I have delivered many complex programs and projects in IT services sector. My experience includes 20 years on the supply side and 10 years on the customer side. 

  • As a service provider, I worked with customer core interests. In this role, I found myself advocating as a neutral for both core interests and solutions.
    • PwC, KPMG, IBM, Microsoft, Capgemini, Chartwell, Avient...
  • As a customer especially as a program manager, I frequently worked as a neutral. My advocacy focused on process rather than solutions.
    • Rogers, Sun Life, GTAA, Loblaw, Enercare, CCAC, Economical, CIBC...

I have worked across a diverse set of industries including financial services, telecommunications, retail, health, outsourcing, public sector and consulting:

I have covered a broad range of complex program topics: M&A activity transitioning IT systems and services; outsourcing infrastructure or software development; implementing a private IaaS/PaaS cloud service; and broad range of system integration, process improvement and infrastructure projects.

Formally I am a qualified mediator (with standing in the Alternate Dispute Resolution Institute of Ontario - ADRIO).  On top of my day-to-day involvement in a facilitation and mediation activities as a program manager, I have engaged in over 600 hours of study over last two years while on alternate dispute resolution (negotiation/mediation) programs at York University. I have mediated for 80 hours including 9 mediations at small claims court. 

Over the last few years, I have become increasingly frustrated with traditional contracting options and the behaviour it drives. We need a more nuanced way of engaging. I had this opportunity to design a framework for collaborative contracting as an alternate. I look forward to working with you and your customers or service providers. My commitment is as a neutral advocate is to work you on your core interests. Together we will deliver great achievements.