for party autonomy, process & outcome fairness
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Our Services

NeutralAdvocate designs and supports collaborative systems. The focus is on managing natural project and/or system conflict to build collaboration. Our first design is collaborative contracting and we offer transition services. As part of contracting services, we also offer support for contract development negotiations and conflict resolution for disputes.

NeutralAdvocate support the tradition of ethics based on mediation standards. We subscribe to the three duties of a neutral advocate:

  • Autonomy of decisions by each party;
  • Procedural fairness; and
  • Substantive fairness in outcome.

Advocacy is our decision on the neutral style of third party facilitation. This based on the needs and strong context of organizations in which the work is performed.

services list today:

Our target market is customers and suppliers in the IT Contracted Services Sector. We provide either contract or consultative services in the following areas:
  • Collaborative contracting
  • Contract development
  • Disputes - contract &/or project disputes.
I look forward to talking to you about how neutral advocacy can help your business.