Working daily to resolve Agile’s challenges? Need a hand…

Sourced from interviews with Agile coaches and scrum masters (2020) - US, Canada and India

Agile is struggling with inter-group relationships especially for distributed teams. A mindset change is required for success. Leaders, teams and coaches do resolve these issues. Methods and tools don't get you there. Neither does blame. Nor does insisting everyone is more agile.

Recognizing the size of the shift: Our business culture is in general strongly hierarchical. Agile is interrupting this. While collaborative cultures have been effective for millennia... it is not in our organizational DNA yet.

Hypothesis on scaling trust: we see success but not at scale. Maintaining trust at scale will bring success. Prerequisites of trust include safety and connection. Trust is lost with disconnection or actions that undermine safety. Trust is optimizable at scale with two parts being part of the puzzle. Coaches have the understanding to resolve the issues. Janars "interplays" can scale the knowledge and work.

Key challenges identified through which trust (safety and connection) is essential:

  • ​Change - continuous improvement
  • Deep engagement & buy-in
  • Leaning in & positive conflict
  • Re-structuring how we do meetings
  • Working in distributed teams

​​​We are excited​ to work ​with you ​on issues that resolve real pain and help create more connection and joy. ​Our intent and hope ​is ​to be part of your success, and for you to be part of ours.​ ​Thank you in advance.